Humanitarian, non partisan, non governmental and non profit association

About the Association

Association for Education and Development of Information Technology, “SmileCode” is a humanitarian, non partisan, non governmental and non profit association, founded on 12.08.2014. in Jagodina. Association “SmileCode” provides computer-related education of children, adults and persons with disabilities, through humanitarian work, as well as the advancement and development of IT software.

Goals of our association:
  • educating children, and guiding their interests towards computer related sciences;
  • raising the awareness about computer related technologies;
  • helping and educating persons with disabilities, in order for them to be self employed in the IT sector;
  • implementation of advanced scientific achievements;
  • development of IT software
In order to achieve our goals, we:
  1. organize meetings, counsellings, seminars and other aspects of IT education, by ourselves or in
    cooperation with other organizations
  2. issue IT related publications, in accordance with legal regulations
  3. organize teachers and other experts, in order to educate children and adults, in the area of IT
  4. organize education of children, and guide their interests toward computer sciences, as well as helping persons with disabilities to be self employed in IT area
  5. cooperate with schools, relevant associations and other domestic and international IT organizations.