IT conference Jagodrom

The goal of project Jagodrom is to introduce all participants with the possibilities of using the new technologies and the internet, in order to increase their market presence. Seeing how the business environment is dynamic, and that there is a need for constant adjustment to changes, by participating on this conference, the attendees will learn of new ways to improve their businesses through the use of new technologies and the internet.

With project Jagodrom, we wish to open new possibilities to all the managers and entrepreneurs of Pomoravlje region, to show them the ways to develop and improve their businesses, by using what technology has to offer. In doing so, we contribute to the increase in our societie’s digital skills and economic strength.

Details of the project itself can be found on the official Jagodrom website –

We extend our gratitude to all who support us during this project. We owe special thanks to the Ministry of trade, tourism, and telecommunications, for recognizing the importance of events such as this one.

The project is realised between november of 2016. and 31. may of 2017.