Smile School: The great winter Minecraft tournament


06 Jan Smile School: The great winter Minecraft tournament

The great winter Minecraft tournament was held today at the Smile school of programming. Our students have, in fair and very exciting matches, demonstrated all of their skills and expertise. The best of them have won valuable prizes (and a short-lived mixture of admiration and envy of other players). Third place, and 20 Minecraft mini figurines + Sweet package, were won by Jovan Vukadin. The title of vice champion, and Minecraft plush spider figurine + Sweet package, were won by Luka Milovanović. The first place, and the grand prize of Papercraft + Sweet package, were won by Ognjen Milovanović, the younger (and the more skillful) brother of our vicechampion. Compared to his summer tournament placement (last place), Ognjen has come a long way. All of the other competitors have received consolation prizes – Minecraft mini figurines. Special thanks go to our volunteer-administrator, Nemanja Anđelković. Congratulations to all the winners, and some advice to all the other players – keep your spirits high, and keep practicing!